Royal Mews in the Community

At Royal Mews we like to make a positive contribution to our local community. We raise money for local charities via a raffle every Easter and Christmas. We host open days and coffee mornings. Our staff members are enthusiastic about promoting good oral health and to this end we are very happy to attend pre-schools, schools, clubs etc and provide dental health education.

If we can help a worthy local cause, with our time or fund raising, we will always be interested.

Royal Mews to host 'Bake For Heroes' on 8th November 2016

Bake For Heroes is an event that provides support for the wounded, and Royal Mews will be hosting its very own Bake For Heroes day at our practice on Tuesday 8th November. All bake sale proceeds will go towards helping those in need. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Royal Mews visits Southend Hospital Charity

Royal Mews Dental providing dental toiletries to the local community hospital

We really enjoy helping the local community and recently decided to pay a visit to the amazing team at Southend Hospital Charity to provide toiletries, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste to help the patients when they've suddenly been admitted to the hospital.

We can all imagine how stressful it can be for a patient, so we're really glad we can help the local community when a patient is unable to access their own belongings.

Easter Raffle March 2016

Easter Raffle

Win a fantastic 'Deco Egg' Provided by the amazing White Fox chocolatiers. Proceeds go to Harp a local homeless charity.

Little Acorns Pre-school visit February 2016

Neale Fraser our friendly dentist visited Little Acorns Pre-school on Tuesday 9th Feb 2016.

The children really enjoyed Neale's visit. He explained about healthy food and how long they should clean their teeth for every day. All the children said they would tell their parents they needed to do it for "2 Minutes" in the morning and in the evening.

The children said Neale the Dentist was "Funny" and "Nice". The best bit was, "The Treasure Chest", Neale let them all choose an item of treasure from his Treasure Chest at the end. These items were either a toothbrush, a dentist's mirror on a stick or a two minute timer.

In the afternoon they drew pictures of their teeth and mouths. While they drew they repeated lots of facts they have learnt, "You gotta put a little bit of toothpaste on your teeth", "Pea sized". "I've got children's teeth".

Christmas raffle

Havens Hospices would like to thank Royal Mews Dental Practice for your continued support, raising an incredible £529.02 for Fair Havens Hospice.

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket.