Azzalure Wrinkle Reduction in Southend, Essex

Royal Mews is proud to offer Azzalure wrinkle reduction treatment, which is a proven non-surgical solution for enhancing natural beauty. Improve your self-confidence and roll back the years with younger looking skin.

Your skin naturally loses elasticity as you age. Years of changing facial expressions, being exposed to sunlight and smoking are known to speed up the ageing process. Wrinkle reducing injections have revolutionised facial aesthetics and can make patients look and feel years younger.

Azzalure, Botulinum Toxin Type A, is specifically designed to temporarily improve the appearance of your skin by acting as a muscle relaxant. Only a small highly purified quantity of botulinum protein is needed to restrict facial muscles from contracting, giving the appearance of toned skin.

Botulinum toxin is most effective at tackling crow’s feet, frown lines and the areas surrounding your mouth. Results can last approximately 3-4 months before gradually fading, so we recommend top up treatments for lasting effects.

The procedure is relatively quick and straightforward with only slight discomfort from the injections. You can expect the entire process to take approximately 20 minutes.

Read our FAQs about wrinkle reduction for a better understanding of the procedure.

FAQs about wrinkle reduction

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